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58 - few translations added rrobert 2022d 16h /trunk/
57 - fixing missing semicolon, thx to brendan rrobert 2028d 00h /trunk/
56 tab depending on policies now rrobert 2163d 14h /trunk/
55 added translation to remove debug warning rrobert 2178d 19h /trunk/
54 - template init, ezi18n replaced
- bad includes removed
- bad ts context fixed
rrobert 2182d 04h /trunk/
53 empty space removed rrobert 2632d 20h /trunk/
52 - word censoring only used when the word is not inside another word (to avoid breaking links or words which shouldnt be censored) rrobert 2647d 19h /trunk/
51 - wrong css class removed rrobert 2648d 01h /trunk/
50 fix for offset redirect problem rrobert 2653d 20h /trunk/
49 fix for offset redirect problem rrobert 2653d 20h /trunk/
48 redirect after topic edit fixed rrobert 2655d 02h /trunk/
47 - various redirect improvements rrobert 2658d 18h /trunk/
46 - fixed 1px issue rrobert 2658d 23h /trunk/
45 - issue with re:re:re:re fixed
- redirect after publish and discard of a pm fixed
rrobert 2659d 01h /trunk/
44 - pm notification is now default (logic turn around) rrobert 2659d 02h /trunk/
43 fixed mixing up topic and post in statistic rrobert 2664d 00h /trunk/
42 - french translation added
- stable branch deleted
rrobert 2673d 05h /trunk/
41 proper url used now rrobert 2695d 03h /trunk/
40 text censoring added rrobert 2720d 17h /trunk/
39 - thx for the hint at @ simon boyer rrobert 2722d 23h /trunk/
38 h1 added rrobert 2727d 00h /trunk/
37 correct switch between inbox and outbox in path rrobert 2739d 22h /trunk/
36 proper url on paginator rrobert 2741d 20h /trunk/
35 - added class include for i18n support rrobert 2751d 05h /trunk/
34 - ezurl added rrobert 2756d 23h /trunk/
33 html fix rrobert 2757d 19h /trunk/
32 operator more variable now rrobert 2757d 20h /trunk/
31 - smilies fixed (mixed up sad and happy smilie) thanks to horst for reporting rrobert 2758d 00h /trunk/
30 - notification button fixed, thanks to lindlbauer rrobert 2758d 03h /trunk/
29 pathes changed rrobert 2763d 15h /trunk/