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41 removed class xrow 2069d 05h /trunk/
40 exclude cdn hosts xrow 2082d 07h /trunk/
39 xrow 2142d 21h /trunk/
38 setting modified xrow 2788d 07h /trunk/
37 gzip disabled by default xrow 2788d 07h /trunk/
36 xrow 2955d 22h /trunk/
35 fixes xrow 3020d 18h /trunk/
34 - fixed gzip support xrow 3480d 23h /trunk/
33 - added meta for file upload ( encoding ) xrow 3481d 01h /trunk/
32 - fixed typo xrow 3481d 02h /trunk/
31 - Changed ini-File for better reading
- Moved GZIP setting to global section.
- Added GZIP suffixes for Distribution Rules
xrow 3481d 02h /trunk/
30 - Added GZIP encoding feature to Rules and output filter
- Added Varnish extra header information
- Improved file fetching for distribution files (double entries removed)
- fixed Database Rule problem (only one rule can apply because of the bucket match)
- Updated example ini-File
xrow 3481d 04h /trunk/
29 xrow 3487d 03h /trunk/
28 fix xrow 3487d 03h /trunk/
27 xrow 3487d 04h /trunk/
26 new site data xrow 3487d 04h /trunk/
25 xrow 3487d 05h /trunk/
24 xrow 3487d 06h /trunk/
23 xrow 3487d 06h /trunk/
22 xrow 3487d 06h /trunk/

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