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yahoo-event-dom.js Release Notes

*** NOTE ***

This document is not updated with each release.  Changes to
the yahoo-dom-event.js source are noted in the README
file for each component that comprises this aggregate:



*** version 0.12.0 ***

The yahoo-event-dom.js file rolls up the three most commonly-used YUI Utilities
into a single file; it includes the following files:

* Yahoo Global Object
* Dom
* Event

These three files serve as a common foundation for most YUI components and
third-party implementations.  On pages where you do not need additional YUI
Utilities (Connection Manager, Animation Utility, Drag & Drop Utility), the
yahoo-event-dom.js aggregate will often be an optimal choice.

Note: If you do require additional utilities, the full utilities.js file is
provided in this distribution; utilities.js includes all YUI Utilities in a
single file.

Please see the blog article on titled "YUI: Weighing in on
Pageweights" at for more

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