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38 Added spanish translation (thanks Alex Muñoz) lolautruche 2835d 05h /trunk/
37 s/ezi18n/SQLIImportUtils::translate lolautruche 2867d 00h /trunk/
36 Fixed issue with csv row iteration, throwing an SQLICSVException (Thanks Edi Modrić !) lolautruche 2882d 09h /trunk/
35 Added Oracle support (Thanks Simone Tellini !) lolautruche 2994d 20h /trunk/
34 Updated doc about content options and publish options - lolautruche 3005d 03h /trunk/
33 Fixed issue : Datatypes fromString() / toString() always appear consistent, even if they are not implemented - lolautruche 3005d 03h /trunk/
32 Updated PDF doc, with rst2pdf stylesheet lolautruche 3008d 06h /trunk/
31 Fixed "Using $this in a non object context in sqlilocation" - lolautruche 3008d 06h /trunk/
30 SQLIContentUtils::getRemoteFile() : Added a parameter indicating whether to allow proxy use or not, allowing to override proxy settings from site.ini lolautruche 3058d 04h /trunk/
29 Fixed issue with SQLICSVDoc::parse() : Didn't return csv doc object - lolautruche 3061d 10h /trunk/
28 Fixed Small i18n issue lolautruche 3067d 11h /trunk/
26 Scheduled imports are now linked from import list lolautruche 3068d 04h /trunk/
25 Fixed issue : Editing a scheduled import may add empty options - lolautruche 3068d 07h /trunk/
24 Fixed issue : Scheduled imports - schedule is shifting - lolautruche 3068d 07h /trunk/
23 Implemented feature : SIGTERM and SIGINT calls are now caught and import is smoothly and safely interrupted (PCNTL extension needed) lolautruche 3069d 08h /trunk/
22 Fixed i18n issues lolautruche 3070d 06h /trunk/
20 Added manual frequency support for scheduled imports (not less than every 5 minutes)
Added import duration monitor
lolautruche 3070d 19h /trunk/
19 Fixed issue : Imports are blocked after a transaction error lolautruche 3070d 19h /trunk/
18 Fixed a notice in SQLIImportHandlerOptions::__toString() lolautruche 3070d 19h /trunk/
17 Fixed typo in updated doc lolautruche 3077d 02h /trunk/

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