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20 - fixed some smaller bugs zmak 2770d 06h /trunk/
19 zmak 2770d 08h /trunk/
18 zmak 2770d 08h /trunk/
17 zmak 2770d 18h /trunk/
16 - added cronjob script for updating attribute meta data
- fixed bug in classes/saattributemeta.php
zmak 2770d 18h /trunk/
15 - added the attribute meta edit handler
- stores additional data about attributes of published object, usefull for fast filtering on this data
- currently stores only has_content data

- created saEditHandlersBase class
zmak 2773d 05h /trunk/
14 - started the development of general NL subscribe feature zmak 2773d 14h /trunk/
13 zmak 2797d 18h /trunk/
12 zmak 2820d 11h /trunk/
11 zmak 2820d 11h /trunk/
10 zmak 2853d 23h /trunk/
9 - fixed some warnings about missing ini settings zmak 2862d 14h /trunk/
8 - sets published date after doing empty date attribute check zmak 2867d 23h /trunk/
7 - fixed some missing INI variables notices zmak 2868d 13h /trunk/
6 zmak 3015d 11h /trunk/
5 - added event duration handler (automatically fills date_to attribute when it's left empty) zmak 3023d 14h /trunk/
4 - global - added object name adjustment after handlers execution (configurable via INI, enabled by dedault)
- relatecreator - added the possibility to store creator's username into object attribute of published object
zmak 3041d 21h /trunk/
3 Added setting:


to settings/sapublishdate.ini.append.php. When set to true, the publish date handler matches all classes and ignores DateClasses[] setting.
zmak 3060d 20h /trunk/
2 zmak 3060d 22h /trunk/
1 zmak 3086d 14h /trunk/