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68 merged feature into trunk
- constants might not be ready for eZ 4x
xrow 3861d 01h /trunk/
66 xrow 3936d 06h /trunk/
64 some fixes xrow 3937d 06h /trunk/
62 xrow 3938d 07h /trunk/
61 php5 changes xrow 3959d 04h /trunk/
60 added site.ini file xrow 3966d 03h /trunk/
59 merged typo xrow 3966d 03h /trunk/
57 fixed typo xrow 3966d 05h /trunk/
56 merged from stable 1.0 xrow 3966d 05h /trunk/
53 some Bugfixes xrow 3977d 15h /trunk/
52 Adapted for eZ4 and some bugfixes xrow 3980d 10h /trunk/
51 fixed extra debug message output xrow 4010d 12h /trunk/
50 fine tuned sorting xrow 4010d 14h /trunk/
49 data_text was defined as integer xrow 4010d 14h /trunk/
48 xrow 4014d 13h /trunk/
46 fixed offset problem in modules xrow 4020d 10h /trunk/
43 using optimzed js xrow 4023d 12h /trunk/
42 fixed issue xrow 4029d 09h /trunk/
41 xrow 4058d 09h /trunk/
40 xrow 4058d 10h /trunk/

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