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1662 - Implemented: powercontent for eZ Publish 4 Cyberwolf 3989d 19h /trunk/
1661 - Added ezemail and ezenhancedselection support Cyberwolf 4216d 16h /trunk/
1628 - Added support for eztext and ezdate Cyberwolf 4323d 14h /trunk/
1627 - Added ezurl support Cyberwolf 4323d 14h /trunk/
1607 - PowerContent class which can be used to embed power content processing in other modules Cyberwolf 4337d 20h /trunk/
1606 - Options to set redirect uri and to use form or not Cyberwolf 4337d 20h /trunk/
1601 - Added powercontent templates for integer, float and selection
Cyberwolf 4346d 15h /trunk/
1589 - Added powercontent_create_gui template function Cyberwolf 4359d 19h /trunk/
1533 Templates for ezboolean and ezcountry Cyberwolf 4397d 15h /trunk/
1531 Fixed warning: Undefined variable: result Cyberwolf 4397d 15h /trunk/
1530 Trying to clarify some options RedirectToMainNodeAfterPublish palm 4397d 15h /trunk/
1529 - Removed trailing whitespace
- Modified license year
- New feature: to redirect to main node of new object after publish, use
a post var RedirectToMainNodeAfterPublish and enable the redirect
Cyberwolf 4397d 16h /trunk/
1365 extension info file for eZ publish 3.9 Cyberwolf 4487d 13h /trunk/
1166 A new option:store the content under the user's node and more error messages palm 4669d 16h /trunk/
1165 Fixed bug: attribute identifiers with _ aren't recognised (for files) Cyberwolf 4680d 19h /trunk/
1142 - Added powercontent_attribute_create_gui template function
- Templates for usage of ezbinaryfile and ezstring class attributes with powercontent_attribute_create_gui
- Renamed module.ini to module.ini.append
Cyberwolf 4691d 17h /trunk/
1080 Added a warning when the attribute isn't found palm 4719d 06h /trunk/
1038 Modified the example 1 to use ClassIdentifier instead of ClassID palm 4732d 13h /trunk/
1037 - small correction to docs, the numbers are object attribute identifiers, not class attribute identifiers Cyberwolf 4732d 14h /trunk/
1036 Tried to provide more detailled explanations palm 4732d 14h /trunk/

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