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RSS Template
Description: Allow to specify a template wich will process the output for a RSS Item attribute
Version: 1.01
Author: Bayron José Guevara
Nickname: Socrattes

Installation Instructions
1. Execute the following SQL code inside EzPublish database:
CREATE TABLE `opsarss_export_item_template`
  `ezrss_export_item_id` Int NOT NULL,
  `use_template_title` Bool NOT NULL
  COMMENT 'Determine if the rss export item use custom template',
  `use_template_description` Bool NOT NULL
) ENGINE = InnoDB;

ALTER TABLE `opsarss_export_item_template` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`ezrss_export_item_id`);

This will create a table for store the information about whether to use a template for the title and description of a RSS Export Item

2. Active the extension

3. Clear all caches

4. Edit 'extension/opsa_rsstemplate/settings/opsa_rss.ini.append.php' and specify the templates to use for each content object attribute
The templates paths are relative to 'design:opsa_rss/attributes'


5. Create and edit the template listed aboved, each template will have available the == $attribute == variable which represent the current eZContentObjectAttribute object

6. Go to RSS in Admin's Setup Tab and edit the respectively RSS Export. Now a checkbox named 'Use Template' will be available for each attribute.

Any suggestion or bugreports, please send them to

* 1.01
Bugfix: The RSS Elements weren't sorted by publish date

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