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13 Fix the pretty lightbox carousel while looking at an image gallery op 2884d 17h /
12 op 2890d 15h /
11 op 2890d 15h /
10 op 2890d 15h /
9 Add settings to allow ezimage datatype zoom op 2890d 18h /
8 Add a zoom on any image based on an image Datatype and displayed with the ezimage.tpl op 2890d 19h /
7 Delete developpment configuration file op 2891d 00h /
6 Add 0.3 Change log op 2891d 00h /
5 opLightBox2 now support PrettyPhoto Lightbox Javascript API op 2891d 00h /
4 Change logs added op 2892d 15h /
3 Add extension.xml and change INSTALL file for version 0.2 op 2892d 16h /
2 Fix an issue on the title parameter to display Title or Image alternative text op 3038d 17h /
1 +full svn commit of the extension op 3109d 19h /