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1423 - eZ Publish 4 compatibility Cyberwolf 3556d 16h /trunk/
1422 - Removing samples dir, they are only taking up space Cyberwolf 3556d 16h /trunk/
1421 - Corrected NuSOAP library version info
- Mention applied patches to NuSOAP library
Cyberwolf 4330d 15h /trunk/
1420 Slightly updated NuSOAP lib (2006-02-02) Cyberwolf 4330d 15h /trunk/
1419 - Added proper charset handling (only IS0-8859-1 and UTF-8)
- Added HTTP Authentication login code
Cyberwolf 4330d 15h /trunk/
1417 Added hello world test step Cyberwolf 4332d 14h /trunk/
1416 Added package install script Cyberwolf 4332d 15h /trunk/
1413 Bash install script Cyberwolf 4334d 12h /trunk/
1377 - Moved ini file to install dir
- Fixed: SOAP request is shown instead of SOAP response with option
Cyberwolf 4367d 16h /trunk/
1373 extension info file for eZ publish 3.9 Cyberwolf 4368d 12h /trunk/
978 - Some documentation + license Cyberwolf 4626d 17h /trunk/
936 - NuSOAP extension Cyberwolf 4653d 08h /trunk/
1 Basic repository layout 5509d 18h /trunk/