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15 xrow 2821d 20h /trunk/
14 xrow 2821d 20h /trunk/
13 xrow 2821d 20h /trunk/
12 xrow 3091d 15h /trunk/
11 xrow 3091d 15h /trunk/
10 xrow 3091d 19h /trunk/
9 - Added support for "SQL Server Driver for PHP". Added support for eZ Publish 4.3 and SQL Server 2008. xrow 3091d 20h /trunk/
6 - 3.9 schema fixes xrow 4026d 07h /trunk/
5 notes xrow 4122d 03h /trunk/
4 - removed old commercial LICENCE and replaced with GPL 3
- cleanup
- removed express version check
xrow 4122d 03h /trunk/
3 replaced kristof's mssql driver with xrow's mssql extension xrow 4141d 07h /trunk/
2 - Small fix to batch size skipping (last batch before the right one wasn't skipped)
- Lowered batch size
cyberwolf 4192d 11h /trunk/
1 - Initial version cyberwolf 4193d 05h /trunk/