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Mobile browser detect extension for eZ Publish
Author: Alex Kozeka <>
Date: July 2011

An extension aiming to perform server-side detection of client's mobile browser and
to do automatic redirection to mobile version of the site.

GNU General Public License v2.0

- eZ Publish 4.0+ (tested with 4.3).

1) Copy mobilebrowserdetect directory to eZ Publish extension directory.

2) Generate autoloads using commands:
cd ezp_dir
php bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php

3) Activate extension in your site.ini.append.php

4) Go to admin interface.
- Open Setup/Workflows/Standard.
- Create new workflow 'Before content read'.
- From event dropdown list choose 'Event / Mobile browser detect'.
- OK.

5) Open Setup/Triggers and assign 'Before content read' worflow to 'content read before' trigger and apply changes.

6) Specify these parameters in site.ini.append.php of 'full' version siteaccess:

Check site.ini.append.php in settings folder of this extension for more info.

Description and usage
Extension uses workflow event to detect mobile browser before content read using user-agent string and some http headers.
No special setup is required if installation steps were correctly done.
Just open site in your mobile device's browser and you should see automatic redirection to 'mobile' version of the site.
If you want to allow user to open 'full' version of the site you need to construct URL like this:

Known issues
- Mobile browser detection is done only before content/read, other modules are ignored.
- Redirection is done to the root of the site only.

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