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18 Fix build.xml and extension.xml lolautruche 2892d 10h /trunk/
17 Fixed a typo in fre-FR translation lolautruche 2947d 16h /trunk/
16 Added TODO string in validateClassAttributeHTTPInput() lolautruche 2947d 16h /trunk/
15 Translation files (unstranslated and fre-FR) lolautruche 2990d 13h /trunk/
14 Add missing i18n lolautruche 2990d 13h /trunk/
13 Class attribute view => fix typo that avoids BrowseNode value to dispaly in admin lolautruche 2990d 13h /trunk/
12 Replace tabs by spaces lolautruche 2990d 13h /trunk/
11 Removed hard coded attribute ID in JS file lolautruche 2990d 14h /trunk/
10 Datatype :
- ASIN search can be made via a button in edit interface, through custom HTTP action
- Added BrowseNode support
lolautruche 2990d 20h /trunk/
9 Fixed problem with products URLs that were not URL decoded lolautruche 2990d 22h /trunk/
8 - Typos
- Search query construction on automatic search is deported to a dedicated private method
lolautruche 2993d 16h /trunk/
7 Added extension.xml (eZ Publish 4.4) lolautruche 3094d 00h /trunk/
6 Implemented an "Amazon ID" datatype for ASIN search in content edit. Can be automatic on publish
Added i18n support (with 4.3+ API) - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH eZ Publish versions < 4.3
lolautruche 3094d 00h /trunk/
5 Replaced old licence by PHPDoc style licence lolautruche 3094d 01h /trunk/
4 update ant script to exclude unit tests in package lolautruche 3368d 06h /trunk/
3 Ant script lolautruche 3368d 06h /trunk/
2 Project import lolautruche 3368d 06h /trunk/
1 Initial structure lolautruche 3368d 06h /trunk/