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Please read me first
 ++++++ INSTALLATION ++++++
1.      You have to set up an application at
2.      When registering your application at instagram you have to enter your
        * website url e.g. and
        * the OAuth redirect_uri which is with the given example<admin_siteaccess>/ig/connect_user
3.      Unpack/unzip to your extension folder
4.      After registering your application you get your instagram CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET
        which you have to enter in the instagram.ini settings
4.      Install the database tables placed within the extensions/instagram/sql/mysql/ folder
5.      Activate extension
    Activate the extension by using the admin interface ( Setup -> Extensions ) or by
    prepending instagram to ActiveExtensions[] in settings/override/site.ini.append.php:
6.      Adjust / install the cronjobs settings to your needs (settings/cronjob.ini.append.php)
        You should at least run the importImagesFromRemote cronjob to import the images from to your ezPublish
7.      Regenerate autoload array
    Check the eZ Publish docs for your version on how this is done.
    Or go to Setup -> Extensions and click on the button there.
8.      Clear all caches
9.      Within the admin interface you should find the tab "instagram"
10.     Connect your instagram account to ezPublish and run the import cronjob
11.     Feel free to do whatever you like with your imported/synchronised photos -> HAVE FUN with instagram!
 ++++++ TO DO ++++++
*       Disconnect instagram accounts and remove the users images from ez Publish
*       Provide more functionality in the users feed (admin) - list view, delete, edit, ...