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138 -testcommit xrow 2069d 10h /trunk/
137 image path for backend map fixed xrow 2097d 07h /trunk/
136 obsolete files/ folders removed xrow 2097d 07h /trunk/
135 - obsolete Files from ini removed, offset in attribute_list.php set to 0 xrow 2097d 07h /trunk/
134 map search improvements xrow 2098d 11h /trunk/
133 ottenstr. issue fixed ;) xrow 2101d 09h /trunk/
132 obsolete settings removed xrow 2101d 10h /trunk/
131 ottenstr. issue fixed ;) xrow 2101d 10h /trunk/
130 some modifications concerning the bounds and the query_string we are sending to google xrow 2102d 11h /trunk/
129 xrow 2102d 13h /trunk/
128 geocoder is using newest google api xrow 2102d 13h /trunk/
127 geocoder is using newest google api xrow 2102d 13h /trunk/
126 - Added Filter xrow 2102d 22h /trunk/
125 BUG #2912 xrow 2103d 06h /trunk/
124 BUG #2912 xrow 2103d 06h /trunk/
123 FEATURE #2159 xrow 2103d 06h /trunk/
122 xrow 2104d 08h /trunk/
121 added: xrowGISTools, modified: attribute_list.php xrow 2104d 09h /trunk/
120 Bug #3182: z-index for controls adjusted in xrowmap.js xrow 2104d 11h /trunk/
119 php strict warning fixed xrow 2111d 06h /trunk/

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