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39 gg 2987d 21h /trunk/extension/ggxmlview/doc/todo
24 gg 3568d 07h /trunk/extension/ggxmlview/doc/todo
22 - created two separate node views, json/xml, which only has links to children, and xmlmap/jsonmap which has complete site content;
- moved comments to bottom, to avoid problems with dumb json parsers;
- object element in node xml now uses class_id, not class_name, to avoid risk of invalid xml (element id cannot have spaces);
- more info by default for nodes, including remote_id;
- for new/unknown datatypes, always echo attribute name in both json and xml;
- updated bundled jsonrpc library to latest version available (fixes utf8 encoding for chars outside the bmp)
gg 3708d 03h /trunk/extension/ggxmlview/doc/todo
19 - Added test package containing an object with attributes of all datatypes gg 3810d 21h /trunk/extension/ggxmlview/doc/todo
18 - Whitespace and comments fixes gg 3856d 19h /trunk/extension/ggxmlview/doc/todo
14 - More information gg 4001d 03h /trunk/extension/ggxmlview/doc/todo
3 - Initial code checkin, in the correct dir gg 4003d 07h /trunk/extension/ggxmlview/doc/todo