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39 gg 3019d 12h /
38 - more detailed install instructions gg 3019d 13h /
37 gg 3019d 13h /
36 gg 3019d 13h /
35 - tag for release gg 3019d 13h /
34 - fix: invalid xml for objrelation attributes gg 3019d 13h /
33 - improved the encoding of ezpersistentobject descendant classes (eg. ezcontentobjectreenode as returned by fetch content/list): now the proper type is enforced for scalar attributes gg 3199d 10h /
32 - add info, tag for release 0.2.1 gg 3201d 21h /
31 - fix missing inclusion of php file for templateinit call gg 3203d 13h /
30 - add changelog for version 2 gg 3291d 10h /
29 - update copyright notices to 2010 gg 3291d 10h /
28 - added release dates to changelogs gg 3470d 02h /
27 - doc file improvements gg 3599d 22h /
26 - fix for php 4.1: add xml to list of known modules gg 3599d 22h /
25 - set by default content-type on json content
(missing changelog from previous commit)
- update copyright stmt to correct year
- add a "httpheader" tpl operator to send tpl headers
- add override templates that can be used as alternative to layout/set module
gg 3599d 22h /
24 gg 3599d 22h /
23 - changelog update gg 3739d 18h /
22 - created two separate node views, json/xml, which only has links to children, and xmlmap/jsonmap which has complete site content;
- moved comments to bottom, to avoid problems with dumb json parsers;
- object element in node xml now uses class_id, not class_name, to avoid risk of invalid xml (element id cannot have spaces);
- more info by default for nodes, including remote_id;
- for new/unknown datatypes, always echo attribute name in both json and xml;
- updated bundled jsonrpc library to latest version available (fixes utf8 encoding for chars outside the bmp)
gg 3739d 18h /
21 - added extra info about setting up virtual urls gg 3825d 22h /
20 add ComplexDisplayViewModes to the default settings modified by the lib gg 3825d 22h /

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