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121 - links to display source code on github were wrong (tsk tsk github... cool uris don't change!)
- add links to module.php sources when ezgeshi is available
gg 2636d 02h /settings/
110 - make the url to docs configurable via ini settings gg 2974d 16h /settings/
89 - build left-menu from correct definition of views;
- disable link to inactive views in main module view;
- fix inichecker class initialize() method not being a singleton;
- add a new tpl operator used for the right-col menu;
- only show sysinfo tab to users who have rights for it
gg 3001d 14h /settings/
74 - rework module/view build process to avoid code duplication gg 3035d 00h /settings/
46 - declare the new cache we implemented, allowing it to be cleared gg 3171d 22h /settings/
40 - info files gg 3174d 23h /settings/
37 - no cronjob for now: useless to declare this extension as a cronjob provider gg 3175d 00h /settings/
20 gg 3192d 00h /settings/
19 - renamed sysinfo.ini.append.php to sysinfo.ini, as it is the correct name for added ini files gg 3192d 00h /settings/
15 - strip trailing whitespace gg 3458d 00h /settings/
1 Initial checkin gg 3694d 22h /settings/