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Rev Log message Author Age Path
123 Add a new view based on phpsecinfo gg 2524d 01h /modules/sysinfo/systemstatus.php
91 - move all views to genericview.php, make sure path works ok in all cases gg 3038d 03h /modules/sysinfo/systemstatus.php
41 - fix policy checking gg 3211d 10h /modules/sysinfo/systemstatus.php
18 - update todo; copyright to 2010 gg 3233d 10h /modules/sysinfo/systemstatus.php
9 - Prepare for 0.1 release gg 3710d 12h /modules/sysinfo/systemstatus.php
7 add plaintext output format to systemstatus module gg 3720d 07h /modules/sysinfo/systemstatus.php
5 - allow access to single views via policyomitlist gg 3721d 14h /modules/sysinfo/systemstatus.php
2 Add proper policy check gg 3731d 15h /modules/sysinfo/systemstatus.php
1 Initial checkin gg 3732d 09h /modules/sysinfo/systemstatus.php