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106 - tag for next release gg 3029d 13h /ezinfo.php/
102 - tag for release 0.4 gg 3029d 15h /ezinfo.php/
86 - update info file gg 3037d 07h /ezinfo.php/
58 gg 3164d 09h /ezinfo.php/
33 - clean up version info in docs gg 3210d 16h /ezinfo.php/
19 - renamed sysinfo.ini.append.php to sysinfo.ini, as it is the correct name for added ini files gg 3223d 17h /ezinfo.php/
18 - update todo; copyright to 2010 gg 3227d 16h /ezinfo.php/
10 - remove spurious copyright notice gg 3648d 08h /ezinfo.php/
1 Initial checkin gg 3726d 15h /ezinfo.php/