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generic tasks:
- retest policy rules on 4.0.7
- rebase info retrieval on ezsnmpd
- move to a saner security configuration
  . use own policies instead of system ones ?
- add some js to left-hand menu to be able to expand/collapse groups of views
- add a new view(/views) for security related checks, see eg. here:

security view:
- fix test for php version: use eZ http client
- tweak warnings about post_max_size, memory_limit, upload_max_filesize
- remove file_uploads warning
- tone down suhosin - say that it comes with problems of its own with eZ (or remove it altogether)
- disable session save_path test when using ezdb-based sessions or memcache (alos ping piwik)
- add eZ-specific checks:
  . check for access to overrides.ini.append.php via curl
  . check for eZ version number (needs a dedicated page on
  . add a link to the check for ini files syntax
  . try to create a file outside of vardir to check for fs access perms

reports views:
- add a cache to report pages
- add workflows report
- add obj states report?
- allow to sort on class id, and show it ? nb: might make the report less useful for syncing different installs

developer views:
- add views with list of template operators, module details, extension details
- add a 'webservices' view listing soap, ezjscore ang ggws services
- add an extended attr. filters view?
- add a form to test invoking views directly
- add error msgs when bad param received
- find a way to add link to docs for stuff provided by extensions
- in operations list page, mention every php method executed as part of an operation
- integrate with ezpersistentobject_inspector extension: if its there, take from it description of modules and fetch functions

accelerator views:
- update apc/xcache/eacc control panels to their latest (svn?) code
- add support for wincache images in fastcgi non-rewritten mode
- test images for eacc/xache/apc in both standard and vhost mode
- add support for Zend Optimizer+, ioncube accelerator, Turck MMCache => For Zend, use a call to  accelerator_get_status()

cache views:
- add a button in churn view to force regeneration of graph on demand
- fix churn: dates in graph are not displayed optimally for large timespans
- add support for clustered configs
- add cache file timestamp
- allow cache stats page to report on enabled/disabled caches per siteaccess
- add zoom icons on cache stats pages that bring to cache search page listing all cache files of the given type
- add zoom icons on cache search pages that will show the cache file contents
- when ezgeshi is found, add links to wiew with highlight cache files
- improve checkboxes display in cache-search page (make them break on two or more lines)

storage views:
- add support for clustered configs
- add age of files in dirs

content views:
- add more content types, including those of std extensions (ezflow, ezsurvey, eznewsletter)
- allow to remove drafts/pending/old versions from this page (see flatten.php)

system status views:
- implement all tests listed (missing: self-testing soap and webdav...)
- add cronjob that can be set up to check system status and log results somewhere
- add a param that switches pagelayout to xml (plaintext already done done, without even hitting the template system)
- add test for echoing something to logs, test for compiling a template
- allow hooking of new tests via ini files
- add a view with more detailed info about users (never logged in, deactivated, etc...)
- add memcached control panel

log views:
- allow display of more logfiles (eg. ezdebugsettings logs and audit logs)
- allow zooming in graph / listing of messages in a timespan
- log search view

qa views:
- add a cache for parsed ini files
- template check view
- view that runs setup wizard tests
- extensions that have mysql .sql files but not db_schema.dba
- duplicate values for designlist, relatedsa, etc...
- parse php files for validity, and, if the ezcodingstyle extension is installed, for code style compliance
- check for non-utf8 start tags template files
- move all of the tests in an external extension?
- allow hooking of new tests via ini files
- test for templates in override dirs that have no override rule

- take over template of the 'setup/extensions' page, and add links to extension docs (if any found): readme, changelogs, install etc
- take over template of the 'setup/sections' page, add nr. of objects per section
- take over template of the 'setup/workflows' page, add nr. of workflows per group
- take over template of the 'setup/classes' page, add nr. of classes per group
- take over template of the 'setup/ini files' page, add links to online docs

- ...
- profit!

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