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Changes from 0.4 to 0.5 - released 2012/yy/zz

- a new page for testing security-related configuration of the server. Based on phpSecInfo

- small improvement in the display of the list of module operations: indicate required parameters
- renamed 'pending notifications' to 'pending notification events' in "content stats" view, as eZP will generate notification events even when no user has actually subscribed to be notified of anything
- the module list page has links to showing source code (when ezgeshi extension is also installed)

- link to highlight source code of views in extensions (when ezgeshi extension is available) was not working
- compatibility with eZP 4.5 and later
- links to opcode cache panels were never active
- APC control panel page was not working anymore
- links to display source code on github were wrong (tsk tsk github... cool uris don't change!)

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