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123 Add a new view based on phpsecinfo gg 2523d 02h /doc/changelogs/CHANGELOG-0.4-to-0.5
121 - links to display source code on github were wrong (tsk tsk github... cool uris don't change!)
- add links to module.php sources when ezgeshi is available
gg 2672d 13h /doc/changelogs/CHANGELOG-0.4-to-0.5
118 - fixed compatibility with ezp 4.5 and later gg 2837d 04h /doc/changelogs/CHANGELOG-0.4-to-0.5
116 - changelog update gg 2935d 09h /doc/changelogs/CHANGELOG-0.4-to-0.5
106 - tag for next release gg 3034d 07h /doc/changelogs/CHANGELOG-0.4-to-0.5