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123 Add a new view based on phpsecinfo gg 2491d 20h /classes/
119 - fix: apc and other opcode cache links were not showing up enabled gg 2641d 08h /classes/
112 add report of roles & policies gg 2979d 20h /classes/
101 - correct test for ezp version when testing ini files naming gg 3003d 03h /classes/
100 - add description for every view gg 3003d 03h /classes/
96 - fix display of errors in in files naming gg 3003d 04h /classes/
94 - in log display, show log messages generated from cli scripts gg 3005d 02h /classes/
91 - move all views to genericview.php, make sure path works ok in all cases gg 3005d 23h /classes/
89 - build left-menu from correct definition of views;
- disable link to inactive views in main module view;
- fix inichecker class initialize() method not being a singleton;
- add a new tpl operator used for the right-col menu;
- only show sysinfo tab to users who have rights for it
gg 3006d 20h /classes/
88 - add page listing module operations gg 3009d 06h /classes/
85 - small improvements gg 3036d 22h /classes/
84 - add ini files qa check: ini files with a non-utf8 charset tag gg 3036d 22h /classes/
83 - better formatting of warnings from qa views; add support for ezgeshi if it is installed gg 3036d 23h /classes/
82 - add a new QA page that checks for php file compliance gg 3038d 04h /classes/
81 - add new view with more checks: syntax validity of ini files gg 3040d 00h /classes/
76 - advances: the index page of the interface gg 3040d 05h /classes/
72 - comments (ideas for new tests) gg 3040d 20h /classes/
71 - add a new class to be used for ini file checking gg 3040d 20h /classes/
66 Fix a call to intern method...
fix an spell check error
asebbane 3043d 15h /classes/
65 Add ezfind test for systemstatus view asebbane 3043d 15h /classes/

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