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Extension ggsysinfo for eZ publish


Allow eZ Publish administrators to have better insight into their working installation:
- have the complete informations from the phpinfo() page within the eZ Publish admin interface
- have the complete informations from the installed php accelerator within the eZ Publish admin interface, and, in case, allow to clear its cache
- have a more detailed view on eZ Publish cache files, allowing to grep through them and delete them if needed
- have a more detailed view on eZ Publish log files, allowing to grep through them
- have a stats page with all types of content in the db listed
- have a page with more detailed status tests than ezinfo/isalive
Some pages that can be of help to developers too:
- all available modules
- all available module views with their parameteres
- all available fetch functions
- all available policy functions
- all available policy module operations


- eZ Publish 4.0 or later
- eZ Publish cluster mode is not supported yet for the cache info part
- Zend Accelerator, Turck MMCache and IonCube are not supported for the opcode cache part
- the GD extension to php is needed to produce graphs (eg. in the storage churn page)
- the ezgeshi extension ver. 1.3 or later is an optional add-on that will add some functionality


- As per standard eZ Publish extensions: drop in extension dir, activate in site.ini override file or via gui
- fix the autoload config: if not activated via the admin interface, run the ezpgenerateautoloads.php script
- if using eAccelerator, make sure that the  eZ Publish dir is within the eaccelerator.allowed_admin_path setting in php.ini
- to have the connecting-to-the-web and connecting-to-email-server tests activated, go edit sysinfo.ini.append.php.
  By default these tests are deactivated since they involve active probing of external resources
- Access to all views of this module is regulated by granting access to the "setup/system_info" policy.
  NB: this is the same policy that governs access to the "System information" page in the admin interface,
  not a new policy defined by this extension.
  To allow anonymous access to a single view, the ini setting PolicyOmitList can be also used.
- Make sure that users can access image files stored in var/sitename/cache/sysinfo for the storage churn graph to work

- If the ezgeshi extension ver. 1.3 or later is also installed, on the pages listing views and fetch functions
  a link to the source code will be available. To be able to see the source listing, permission to the policy
  geshi/view_ezpublish_source must be granted to the current user.

New modules/views:

All of the functionality is available in a new top-level tab in the administration interface, named "System Information".
Explore it by navigating the menu on the left side.
If some of the items in the menu are greyed out, it is because the corresponding item does not work / apply to your eZ Publish setup.

The systemstatus view can be used for systematic monitoring of the status of the eZ Publish installation by external tools such as Nagios, OpenNMS, Zenoss etc...
For such configurations, it is recommended to use the plaintext output, activated by appending 'plaintext' to the url (after of course, giving correct access permissions):

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