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15 - get rid of some warnings andre1 3281d 22h /trunk/
14 - Updated facebook platform files ( 21. Jan 2010 version ) andre1 3334d 08h /trunk/
13 - Updated facebook lib
- removed todo stuff already implemented
- updated xd file to use because of issues sometime on connect domain and added ?2 as temporary workaround proposed on developer pages for some bug
andre1 3380d 08h /trunk/
12 Add fbml variant of login buttons for facebook/login and facebook/connect andre1 3470d 20h /trunk/
11 Implement optional facebook connect datatype andre1 3474d 07h /trunk/
10 Validate DefaultUserPlacement node id before using it (to avoid fatal error) andre1 3475d 08h /trunk/
9 Added TODO on facebook/connect handlers andre1 3477d 19h /trunk/
8 Added TODO on facebook/connect handlers andre1 3477d 19h /trunk/
7 Support for eZ Publish 4.0.x andre1 3477d 20h /trunk/
6 - Fixed some doc issues and clearified even more how to combine javascript and php login andre1 3477d 22h /trunk/
5 - Minor improvment of facebook/connect doc andre1 3482d 21h /trunk/
4 - Made logout button dependancy on setting up 1A (javascript integration) clear andre1 3482d 21h /trunk/
3 - Added facebook/logout function (not view) to be able to distinguish between facebook and normal users andre1 3486d 16h /trunk/
2 - Fixed eZContentObjectTreeNode::getParentNodeIdListByContentObjectID is only available on 4.1 and higher (workaround for 4.0)
- Added ezinfo.php & LICENSE file
andre1 3489d 11h /trunk/
1 Intial commit of revised facebook_connect extension andre1 3489d 11h /trunk/