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1659 - changes required after renaming helloworld example extension
- small changes to ezxajax ezinfo file
Cyberwolf 3335d 21h /trunk/
1658 - renaming extension to reflect name change of the main xajax extension for eZ Publish Cyberwolf 3335d 22h /trunk/
1657 - Removing unnecessary modifications in the pagelayout replacement for admin interface, reported by Francesco Trucchia Cyberwolf 3627d 13h /trunk/
1656 - Adding pagelayout replacement for admin interface, so we don't always have to modify that template Cyberwolf 3635d 00h /trunk/
1655 - Implemented: proper file name case checking
# ATTENTION: we intentionally do not lowercase the function file name anymore,
# this can break your custom xajax extensions
Cyberwolf 3933d 21h /trunk/
1654 ezxajax replace '=& new' to '= new' in xajax lib files - causes some strict warnings felix.jac 3948d 19h /trunk/
1653 ezxajax 2.0.0 new version for ez4 and php5
- renameing to ezxajax
- ez4 version for php5 without strict warnings
( include update lib/xajax libaries for example replace depricated php5 function
'is_a( A, B)' => A instanceof B )
felix.jac 3949d 18h /trunk/
1652 updated xajax library to 0.5 (Beta 4) zabbie 3985d 08h /trunk/
1651 - Made changes for proper approval(automatic approval script) of this extension
- effects license header
- ini settings
xrow 4108d 16h /trunk/
1648 - Removed duplicate declaration
- cleanup of array_merge with other argument type than array
Cyberwolf 4199d 03h /trunk/
1549 - Separate INI group for xajax library flags, which makes some other INI settings depracated but they are still processed to retain backward compatibility
- Enabled the indicator for other browsers too, but can be disabled for all with an INI setting
Cyberwolf 4326d 21h /trunk/
1548 - Latest version of the xajax library from the trunk, to fix for which affects xajax_autosuggest Cyberwolf 4326d 21h /trunk/
1503 0.5 way of displaying a waiting message palm 4349d 10h /trunk/
1502 Add a policy ommit (if you load it, that's so you can use it) palm 4349d 10h /trunk/
1501 - Only show activity indicator when there's a delay
- Use beforeResponseProcessing callback instead of both onFailure and onSuccess
Cyberwolf 4349d 21h /trunk/
1500 Hide ajax activity indicator as soon as response is received Cyberwolf 4349d 21h /trunk/
1499 Update to xajax library 0.5 beta 2 Cyberwolf 4349d 21h /trunk/
1498 Changes for xajax library 0.5 Cyberwolf 4349d 21h /trunk/
1455 - added a flag in the ini-settings to disable adding the progress indicator for IE6
- for default the script is enabled
xrow 4380d 18h /trunk/
1440 Activity indicator image Cyberwolf 4383d 18h /trunk/

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