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54 Add shutdown notices gg 2562d 00h /trunk/
53 cs gg 2563d 23h /trunk/
52 Update docs gg 2565d 00h /trunk/
51 Fix bad tpl for editing subtree mux event gg 2565d 00h /trunk/
50 Removed french and added i18n refs in My Menu gbentley 2790d 00h /trunk/
49 Added access check for Edit button in object state list template - show disabled icon if user doesn't have access. gbentley 2790d 00h /trunk/
48 Minor lang fix - plural of content in this instance is "content" gbentley 2790d 00h /trunk/
47 Added IgnoreObjectStatesIDList setting to ini/template to ignore certain states in the select list (e.g 'published') gbentley 2790d 00h /trunk/
46 Updated archive userid settings reference in cronjob, and added cronjob reference to setting comment gbentley 2790d 00h /trunk/
45 Move updatestate/list.tpl in standard design folder op 2801d 00h /trunk/
44 Move updatestate/list.tpl in standard design folder op 2801d 00h /trunk/
43 Fix ezi18n() function call, replaced by ezpI18n::tr() op 2801d 00h /trunk/
42 - compatibility with ezp 4.5 and later gg 2865d 13h /trunk/
41 - tag for next release gg 2868d 20h /trunk/
40 - fix dir name gg 2868d 21h /trunk/
39 - add postgres schema gg 2868d 21h /trunk/
38 - fix oracle schema script gg 2868d 21h /trunk/
37 - ignore build files gg 2868d 21h /trunk/
36 - rename license file for std build gg 2868d 21h /trunk/
35 - add build config gg 2868d 21h /trunk/

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