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47 - two typos in comments
- introduce a js proxy for template code (fetches, persistent objects)
gg 2830d 20h /trunk/
46 - tag for release gg 3032d 13h /trunk/
45 - add dependency file gg 3032d 14h /trunk/
44 - changelog update gg 3035d 10h /trunk/
43 - raise exceptions so that proper errors are returned when params are bad or permissions not enough gg 3036d 10h /trunk/
42 gg 3038d 11h /trunk/
41 - error in fetching some specific pos in ezp::inspect (eg. eZContentObjectAttribute) gg 3038d 12h /trunk/
40 - docs gg 3038d 12h /trunk/
39 - fix perms checking on ezp::inspect called via ezjscore gg 3038d 12h /trunk/
38 - tag after release gg 3058d 11h /trunk/
37 - tag for release gg 3058d 11h /trunk/
36 - fix generation of ws from native apis: comments broke the generated php file gg 3058d 11h /trunk/
35 - improve docs gg 3058d 12h /trunk/
34 - update todo gg 3059d 08h /trunk/
33 - fix handling of parameters received from ws and passed on to wsapiexecutor: most of them are json-encoded gg 3059d 08h /trunk/
32 - fix minor incoherence in name and default val of 1st param in ezp.viewall ws method php call gg 3059d 08h /trunk/
31 - document latest changes gg 3060d 07h /trunk/
30 - fix invocation of ezp.view.*. Unfortunately this is quite an API breakage gg 3060d 07h /trunk/
29 - speling gg 3060d 07h /trunk/
28 - do not crash if ezpersistentobject_inspector is not enabled
- make ezp.inspect work even when class names are not all lowercase
gg 3060d 09h /trunk/

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