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132 Fix bug cphp 2627d 09h /
131 Made getFixturesHash protected p16 2907d 02h /
130 Added loding of attribute data_text1..5 and data_int1 values p16 2959d 03h /
129 Added again the main method to bypass ezptestrunner p16 2969d 08h /
128 Fixed build cphp 3041d 09h /
127 Added bootstrap to use in runtest cphp 3054d 03h /
126 Added initObjects method to add objects after loading fixtures p16 3067d 07h /
125 Added functionalities to add ezsimpleselection functionalities cphp 3070d 04h /
124 Initialized array_object parameter into idObjectRepository cphp 3070d 08h /
123 Added ezpage to the idattributes available. p16 3071d 11h /
122 Reverted back attribute storing p16 3074d 08h /
121 fixed ezselection saving cphp 3074d 10h /
120 Changed constructor functionalities to idObjectRepository cphp 3075d 11h /
119 Added some methods on idObjectRepository cphp 3076d 11h /
118 Added getParentObject method p16 3090d 07h /
117 Added symfony crawler on ez test browser cphp 3140d 07h /
116 Added test for complex fixtures about ezselection datatype p16 3154d 08h /
115 Now is possible to add emnbedded related objects cphp 3180d 08h /
114 Added loadData method cphp 3183d 04h /
113 Closing connection to database in teardown method p16 3187d 02h /

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