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17 Fix strict error cphp 3250d 06h /trunk/
16 Beautify sync script cphp 3383d 06h /trunk/
15 Now it's possible to list the environment parameters cphp 3430d 11h /trunk/
14 Throw exception if user does not specify valid server directory cphp 3505d 07h /trunk/
13 fixed typo in sync.php & sync.ini.append.php cphp 3530d 07h /trunk/
12 Added bash script to upgrade eZ Publish from 4.0.0 release to 4.0.1. cphp 3760d 04h /trunk/
11 Alcune modifiche per aggiungere il nome al file e alcuni controlli in più cphp 3792d 03h /trunk/
10 Added exportDiffFile and Test to create patch based on svn diff cphp 3799d 05h /trunk/
9 Rsync exclude file changed cphp 3855d 07h /trunk/
7 cphp 3859d 07h /trunk/
6 add readme file cphp 3859d 07h /trunk/
5 Update licence info cphp 3859d 07h /trunk/
4 Add ez deploy code cource cphp 3859d 07h /trunk/
1 Make trunk dir cphp 3859d 08h /trunk/