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97 - Corrected Oracle schema error: index name longer than 30 chen 3260d 06h /trunk/extension/ezsurvey/sql/oracle/schema.sql
75 - fix sql for Oracle: missing 2 triggers gg 3480d 09h /trunk/extension/ezsurvey/sql/oracle/schema.sql
66 - fix 2 missing triggers and one bad column name in oracle schema gg 3564d 05h /trunk/extension/ezsurvey/sql/oracle/schema.sql
64 - Added database indexes for ezsurvey. br 3633d 11h /trunk/extension/ezsurvey/sql/oracle/schema.sql
13 - Updated sql schemas. br 4034d 09h /trunk/extension/ezsurvey/sql/oracle/schema.sql
9 - Added ezsurvey. br 4038d 03h /trunk/extension/ezsurvey/sql/oracle/schema.sql