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97 - Corrected Oracle schema error: index name longer than 30 chen 3261d 19h /trunk/
96 - Fixed #16516: Oracle error when creating a survey object chen 3261d 19h /trunk/
95 - Made eZSurvey wizard work on PostgreSql and Oracle chen 3261d 19h /trunk/
94 - Added fre-FR translation.

# Many thanks Pascal Boyer
qwix 3275d 23h /trunk/
93 - Updated copyright notice with current year qwix 3285d 01h /trunk/
92 - Fixed incorrect copyright notice qwix 3285d 01h /trunk/
91 - preparing rc1 for hudson builds pborgerm 3291d 20h /trunk/
90 --Spanish and Catalan translations updated, credits go to Microblau, nfrp 3298d 22h /trunk/
89 --Brazilian translation, credits go to Renan Leme nfrp 3298d 22h /trunk/
88 - Fixed syntax errors in postgresql schema qwix 3307d 19h /trunk/
87 - Updated: Build configuration oms 3307d 19h /trunk/
86 - correcting typo pborgerm 3328d 13h /trunk/
85 - adding ant build properties, moving some files around for QA requirements pborgerm 3328d 14h /trunk/
84 - removing left menu from module views, this is done by the admin page layout (patch via Patrick allaert) pborgerm 3461d 17h /trunk/
83 - Fixed bug #15566: after submitting the survey debug error is raised and
ezsurvey will loose its results when a survey is edited for multiple times.
(Patch via Patrick Allaert)
oms 3461d 17h /trunk/
82 - Updated: Build information oms 3462d 06h /trunk/
81 - Updated: Distribution flags oms 3464d 19h /trunk/
80 - Updated: Release information oms 3464d 19h /trunk/
79 - Fixed bug #015413: eZ Survey will loose results when archived versions of the survey is deleted
added documentation about setting the version limit for survey classes to a high value (and adapted the default setting for optional the packaged survey class)
pborgerm 3466d 23h /trunk/
78 Fixed bug #15320: Survey calculation for Single/Multiple choice is wrong if option lacks "option value" chen 3473d 10h /trunk/

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