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8 - Added a basic data abstract class (eZQRData)
- Added a phonebook data class (eZQRDataPhonebook). Not linked to QR for now.
bd 3226d 19h /trunk/
7 - Added the left out ezurl handler operator code :) bd 3226d 19h /trunk/
6 - Added a more advanced ezurl handler. See handlers/datatypes/ezurl.php bd 3226d 19h /trunk/
4 - Implemented datatype handlers. See doc/handlers.txt
- Added a handler for ezgmaplocation
bd 3227d 17h /trunk/
3 Added native support for ezemail, ezurl and ezstring datatypes:
{$|qrcode( '200x200' )}
bd 3228d 16h /trunk/
2 First commit of the extension bd 3228d 16h /trunk/
1 Initial commit with basic structure bd 3228d 16h /trunk/