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QR Code data handlers

QR codes by themselves require strings as input. These strings may vary a *lot*. For instance, URLs can be provided with
at least three different syntax.

The main point of this extension is that it should be easy and quick to transfer CMS content to a QR code.

This is why handlers are required for datatypes, content classes...

Datatype handlers

Datatype handlers are easy. Given one content object attribute, a handler will return a string that can be interpreted
by QR aware devices.

This is made possible by QRDatatype handlers.

Base, abstract class: eZQRDatatype

This class is the base item when it comes to implementing a handler. It has to implement at least one method::

    public function data();

This method returns a string that will be the data for the QR code. The class makes available a member variable named
``contentObjectAttribute``, that contains the currently handled content object attribute.

Settings: qrcode.ini

This handler then needs to be mapped to a datatype. This is done in a very standard way, using an array in qrcode.ini.

This code example, in qrcode.ini, would map the eZQRDatatypeStuff handler to the ezstuff datatype::


Content classes

To be determined :)

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