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eZ QR Code

Author: Bertrand Dunogier, eZ Systems


This extension provides an API as well as the ezpublish features to generate QR Codes based on content.

What are QR Codes
QR Codes are two dimensional bar codes, created by Denso-Wave in 1994 (thank you Wikipedia). These codes can contain a
large variety of data: URLs, vCards, geographical data, etc, and have been picked up by google for Android based
devices. As an example, you can see on that any downloadable file has a QR code image.

QR codes can be scanned using a hand held device, which will then propose an action based on the decrypted data:
open an URL, install an app, etc.

This extension

Google chart API

The current implementation only uses the google chart API. This very simple API allows you to provide an URL with a few
fields regarding the desired chart, and get an image in return. While this is far from perfect when it comes to data
privacy, it does the job.

ezqrcode is very simple at the moment.

It has a base class, eZQRCode, that can be used to set all the available parameters: size, error correction, data, etc.
Based on this, the class will return the URL for the image on

This class is currently only implemented in a template operator named qrcode::

    {''|qrcode( "200x200" )}

Will return a link to the QR code for the URL

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