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16 - add shutdown notice to repo gg 2606d 21h /trunk/
15 - Fix size of generated package file in the feed xml (was not dividing by 1024) gg 2666d 13h /trunk/
13 - fix version nr. in bundled pake lib gg 2709d 15h /trunk/
12 - changelog update gg 2709d 15h /trunk/
11 - add a check in the "build" process that user copied eZ in the right folder gg 2709d 15h /trunk/
10 - correct url for the xml feed describing the package gg 2709d 15h /trunk/
9 - more help messages for the user
- rename main class, since this tool is aimed at the Community Project
gg 2709d 15h /trunk/
7 - change url used to bootstrap gg 2709d 16h /trunk/
6 - added a readme file gg 2709d 16h /trunk/
5 - replace in src dir the custom pakefile with the original one gg 2709d 16h /trunk/
4 - add files needed for ms wpi package build gg 2735d 17h /trunk/
3 - ignore build, dist dirs gg 2735d 17h /trunk/
2 - add full pake sources gg 2735d 17h /trunk/
1 - 1st content upload gg 2735d 17h /trunk/