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30 - implemented a cache to speed up method findClassNameGivenLowerCaseName() gg 2891d 08h /trunk/
29 - avoid a php warning in ezp gg 2896d 07h /trunk/
28 gg 3028d 03h /trunk/
27 gg 3028d 03h /trunk/
26 - tag for 0.2 release gg 3028d 03h /trunk/
25 - error in ezPOInspector::objInspect when recursively encoding persistent objects gg 3034d 00h /trunk/
24 - more output messages
- remove php warnings
gg 3035d 22h /trunk/
23 - Initialize array gg 3035d 23h /trunk/
22 - parse new version of online docs gg 3035d 23h /trunk/
21 - update definition of views with latest online manual gg 3035d 23h /trunk/
20 - update definition of views with latest online manual gg 3036d 00h /trunk/
19 - fix weird chars in the script gg 3036d 00h /trunk/
18 - add tpl operators
- use ini files for location of docs to be scanned
gg 3051d 00h /trunk/
17 - fix: mark method as static gg 3055d 22h /trunk/
16 - more docs gg 3056d 00h /trunk/
15 - more docs
- add view-doc-scanner class
gg 3056d 00h /trunk/
14 gg 3056d 22h /trunk/
13 gg 3056d 22h /trunk/
12 - add parsing of online docs for view description gg 3056d 22h /trunk/
11 - speling gg 3056d 23h /trunk/

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