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49 Updated: Moved bin into wikidesign extension. bc 2986d 03h /trunk/
48 Updated: Replaced static version number with fetched version number. bc 2986d 05h /trunk/
47 Updated: Mass commit of ezpedia current uncommited feature improvments, added customtags, registration bugfixes, namespaces template improvmements, forum improvments, and much more (post 4.0 upgrade) bc 2986d 10h /trunk/
46 - Fixed bug: strict PHP warning "Non-static method wikidesignInfo::info() cannot be called statically" when accessing ezinfo/about Cyberwolf 3664d 20h /trunk/
45 - search template for usage with eZ Find Cyberwolf 3674d 01h /trunk/
44 - use content/history instead of content/diff, which is deprecated Cyberwolf 3674d 01h /trunk/
43 - Temporary template to fix eZ Publish bug #11319 cyberwolf 4224d 07h /trunk/
42 - Some security issues were solved some time ago, but weren't committed yet cyberwolf 4226d 20h /trunk/
41 Updated: Replaced the eZ systems based logo image, Re: copyright infringement on bc 4298d 19h /trunk/
40 - Fixed parser error: Unterminated tag "" does not match tag "if" cyberwolf 4314d 20h /trunk/
39 Added: ezpediadesign extension bc 4316d 20h /trunk/
38 - Current French translation Cyberwolf 4367d 05h /trunk/
37 - Updated override settings
- Show more than 10 popular items
Cyberwolf 4367d 06h /trunk/
36 Add popular articles box to the left menu. Cyberwolf 4418d 00h /trunk/
35 Display gender Cyberwolf 4423d 06h /trunk/
34 Author contact feature Cyberwolf 4423d 06h /trunk/
33 Stylesheets for online editor custom tags Cyberwolf 4436d 04h /trunk/
32 - show left menu boxes too for other objects (not only for wiki
- custom xml tag calendar
Cyberwolf 4437d 01h /trunk/
31 Basic embed template for images Cyberwolf 4437d 07h /trunk/
30 Fixed: corrupted JavaScript when non-integer values are used in the
Google location datatype
Cyberwolf 4446d 05h /trunk/

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