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113 --Finishing the migration to github. See README for details. nfrp 3065d 12h /trunk/
112 - Change use of old templateInit()/ezi18n() api and use class based api's introduced in 4.3 instead andre1 3079d 12h /trunk/
108 - Updated: Adjusted format of ezinfo.php to be compliant with build scripts. oms 3098d 11h /trunk/
107 - Updated: Added tokens to extension.xml oms 3098d 11h /trunk/
106 - Removed software tag ls 3098d 19h /trunk/
105 - Fixed version in the extension.xml
- YUILoader always loaded libs from CDN
ls 3101d 13h /trunk/
104 - Fixed bad LICENSE ls 3101d 14h /trunk/
103 - multiupload does not provide template operators, this ini mistakes leads to unneeded stat call in template code. andre1 3104d 15h /trunk/
102 - Refactor to use ezjscore

Make sure muplitple file upload is enabled and fileType check works as intended.
andre1 3137d 08h /trunk/
101 - Refactor to use ezjscore andre1 3137d 11h /trunk/
99 - Remove loading.php support

No need to keep bc for something that has never existed in a stable version
andre1 3151d 11h /trunk/
98 - Rename to ezmultiupload.ini so settings/view is able to list it in drop down andre1 3179d 18h /trunk/
96 - Updated documentation ls 3192d 13h /trunk/
95 - Fixed issue ezmultiupload-related setting in #16803: Fix some settings that were changed in the default eZ Publish install chen 3226d 12h /trunk/
94 - Implemented enhancement #016711: Making extension aware of the order/priority in which they need to be loaded patrick.allaert 3252d 16h /trunk/
93 - Fixed copyright year qwix 3281d 15h /trunk/
92 - Updated copyright notice with current year qwix 3282d 17h /trunk/
91 - Fixed copyright headers qwix 3282d 17h /trunk/
90 - Removed build.xml qwix 3282d 17h /trunk/
89 - Harcoded copyright year qwix 3282d 17h /trunk/

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