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111 - Created stable 1.2 branch
- Created 1.2.0 tag
ls 3053d 22h /stable/
109 - Created 1.3 branch ls 3065d 05h /stable/
100 - add support for patched 4.0.x installation (one that accepts session id by post parameter) andre1 3124d 02h /stable/
97 - Updated documentation ls 3165d 04h /stable/
81 - Fixed #16047: Deprecated function call "split" since PHP 5.3.0 in ezmultiupload
(merged from trunk rev. 80)
andre1 3318d 19h /stable/
79 - Fixed: File filter bug
(merged from trunk rev. 78)
andre1 3318d 19h /stable/
77 - Fixed: Catalan sites have js errors in upload.tpl
(merged from trunk rev. 76)
andre1 3318d 20h /stable/
62 - Configured for next release ls 3430d 05h /stable/
61 - Created stable branch
- Created release version
ls 3430d 05h /stable/
38 Merging revision #37 from trunk to stable branch

This revision add a full translation of ezmultiupload extension for french.
This revision adds menuitems in both admin context menu and subitems context menu in order to access ezmultiupload extension via admin interface.
messcenes 3536d 08h /stable/
36 - Updated versions ls 3585d 06h /stable/
35 - Added phing build script ls 3616d 04h /stable/
33 - Merged changed from trunk rev. 30:32 ls 3616d 07h /stable/
30 - Added release 1.0.0
- Added version 1.0.0
- Added stable/1.0
ls 3627d 06h /stable/