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15 SVN repo shutdown gg 2531d 12h /trunk/
14 Update todo gg 2531d 12h /trunk/
13 Updated todo gg 2564d 22h /trunk/
12 Fix: tpl for editing text-block was broken gg 2565d 13h /trunk/
11 Fix compatibility with ezautosave (ezp 2012.1) gg 2567d 13h /trunk/
10 Mark extension as translatable
Add a cache for auth tokens
gg 2567d 18h /trunk/
9 Add one leftover tpl from last commit gg 2567d 19h /trunk/
8 Finish js layer
Hook up js function to content-translating templates
gg 2567d 19h /trunk/
7 More docs gg 2568d 14h /trunk/
6 Begin work on version 0.2 gg 2568d 14h /trunk/
5 Prepare for version 0.2 gg 2568d 14h /trunk/
4 - wording in info page gg 3649d 07h /trunk/
3 - one more dir gg 3649d 07h /trunk/
2 - more templates copied over from 4.1 gg 3649d 07h /trunk/
1 - first bits of code imported gg 3649d 07h /trunk/