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24 added missing .ini settings dpitard 3574d 07h /trunk/
23 some clean up dpitard 3903d 21h /trunk/
22 moved $GLOBALS['eZFTPDataPortPool'] dpitard 3903d 21h /trunk/
21 fixed INSTALL.txt dpitard 3904d 23h /trunk/
20 fixed INSTALL.txt dpitard 3904d 23h /trunk/
19 changed milestone (now 0.0.3) dpitard 3908d 07h /trunk/
18 -- added support for RNFR and RNTO (renaming only) dpitard 3908d 07h /trunk/
15 - changed milestone dpitard 3908d 08h /trunk/
14 - changed milestone dpitard 3908d 08h /trunk/
13 - some cleaning in code dpitard 3908d 22h /trunk/
12 - some cleaning in code dpitard 3908d 22h /trunk/
11 - some cleaning in code dpitard 3908d 22h /trunk/
10 -- added support of RMD command dpitard 3909d 04h /trunk/
9 back to rev. 4 (binding socket on every available IPs) does'nt work dpitard 3909d 05h /trunk/
8 -- fixed bug dpitard 3909d 07h /trunk/
7 By default bind sockets on every avalaible IPs dpitard 3910d 10h /trunk/
6 -- added support for RMD command dpitard 3910d 22h /trunk/
5 -- added support for DELE command dpitard 3910d 23h /trunk/
4 standard value for ListenAdress in ezftp.ini dpitard 3911d 00h /trunk/
3 firt import dpitard 3911d 00h /trunk/

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