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87 - merge changes from gg170210 branch gg 3002d 05h /trunk/
85 - Updated copyright search and replace qwix 3191d 16h /trunk/
84 - Added fat-dist target qwix 3196d 08h /trunk/
83 - Fixed the way tarballs are generated qwix 3196d 09h /trunk/
79 - more docs: requirements gg 3224d 06h /trunk/
78 - more docs gg 3224d 07h /trunk/
77 - improve docs: exact command line for 1st run gg 3224d 07h /trunk/
74 - Fixed: typo oms 3224d 08h /trunk/
73 - Fixed: checking existance of README and LICENSE oms 3224d 08h /trunk/
72 - Fixed: Made the checking of README and LICENSE not check for non existing packages oms 3224d 09h /trunk/
69 - add more info: a header in the build file gg 3226d 13h /trunk/
68 - add more info: license file, INSTALL gg 3226d 14h /trunk/
67 - Added more documentation qwix 3227d 05h /trunk/
66 - Tried to fix yet another weird issue with the package system qwix 3288d 09h /trunk/
65 - Fixed wrong package directory structure for .ezpkg files qwix 3308d 10h /trunk/
64 - Removed the strong requirement on .sql and .dba files qwix 3310d 15h /trunk/
63 - Added missing ${}.create.tarballs property qwix 3316d 13h /trunk/
62 - Added documentation about the file purge feature qwix 3316d 13h /trunk/
61 - Added a target to purge a list of files or directories in the final build qwix 3316d 14h /trunk/
60 - Added flag on wether to create tarballs or not qwix 3323d 11h /trunk/

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