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176 Add notice of repo shutdown gg 2510d 16h /branches/
174 - move package.xml in its location during init phase, so that it does not appear within the extension
- properly execute clean task even when building of package is desired
- better replacing of tokens in package.xml file
- produce package file with the correct name
gg 2775d 10h /branches/
173 - update todo gg 2775d 10h /branches/
172 - update todo gg 2775d 10h /branches/
171 - the package version is fixed, not changing gg 2775d 10h /branches/
170 - update docs gg 2776d 01h /branches/
169 - no errors if dir for doxygen docs has to be created
- clean up more dirs before package creation
- properly zip packages
gg 2776d 01h /branches/
168 - fix: invalid xml for package creation gg 2776d 01h /branches/
167 - more docs gg 2778d 12h /branches/
166 - update docs gg 2778d 17h /branches/
165 - allow creation of ezpackage as part of dist task gg 2779d 17h /branches/
164 - update todo gg 2780d 16h /branches/
163 - new task: generate-package-filelist gg 2781d 03h /branches/
162 - better replacement of tokens in package.xml files gg 2781d 04h /branches/
161 - rename task to generate sample package.xml to make it more evident it's a sample
- introduce config options to generate packages out of the extension
gg 2781d 07h /branches/
160 - properly replace tags in package.xml using new format gg 2781d 08h /branches/
159 - tag for version 0.3 gg 2781d 08h /branches/
158 - allow generation of package.xml for extensions that miss it gg 2781d 08h /branches/
156 - do not check for pake version when using bundled version
- when upgrading, upgrade bundled pake too
- fix a fatal error and a warning in tool-upgrade-check task
- find extension name if not specified on cli even when pake/options-ezextensionbuilder is present
gg 2791d 12h /branches/
155 - check min pake version before running gg 2793d 06h /branches/

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