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12 - Fixed breadcrumbs on all views
- Added accumulators around _parseSection* methods
dpobel 3730d 17h /trunk/
11 Added "HTTP Status codes" part and 404 error listing dpobel 3730d 18h /trunk/
10 Corrections of templates :
- width of the column in "Visits duration" table
- error in pagelayout_awstats.tpl
dpobel 3730d 19h /trunk/
9 Added "Visits duration" parts dpobel 3731d 08h /trunk/
8 Added file type list dpobel 3731d 09h /trunk/
7 - Fixed a bug in the parsing of perl files
- Added robots view that displays the full list of robots
- Added the left is now active
dpobel 3732d 10h /trunk/
6 - Fixed height of charts to be constant
- Implemented display of the left menu
dpobel 3733d 06h /trunk/
5 - Fixed browsers.ini : avoid [ and ] in robot ID
- Improved size of charts in "days of month"
- Fixed XML parsing option to less strict with bad XML files generated by awstats
- Added summary of bots visits
dpobel 3736d 08h /trunk/
4 - Fixed default settings
- Added a script to generate browsers and robots lists
- Added browsers and robots list
- Fixed display of robot name
- Parse only 10 robots by default with an XPath expression
dpobel 3745d 17h /trunk/
3 Parsing and display of "Days of month" and "Hours" data
Adding template operators to simplify templates
Splitting template
dpobel 3748d 21h /trunk/
2 - Add the "Statistics" tabs in admin interface
- Improve presentation
- Start to parse day statistics
dpobel 3750d 23h /trunk/
1 Initial import. dpobel 3751d 09h /trunk/