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2508 - Fixed bug: several strict warnings in ezapprove2collaborationhandler Cyberwolf 3868d 03h /ezapprove2/ezp4/trunk/extension/ezapprove2/collaboration/ezapprove2/ezapprove2collaborationhandler.php
2507 - Fixed bug: there is trailing whitespace in the source code
- Update license headers to eZ Systems with big S and to year 2008
Cyberwolf 3910d 19h /ezapprove2/ezp4/trunk/extension/ezapprove2/collaboration/ezapprove2/ezapprove2collaborationhandler.php
2505 Fix for placement of a previously unpublished object that is edited zabbie 4005d 12h /ezapprove2/ezp4/trunk/extension/ezapprove2/collaboration/ezapprove2/ezapprove2collaborationhandler.php
2504 Fixed method definitions to match eZCollaborationItemHandler to stop strict messages zabbie 4005d 12h /ezapprove2/ezp4/trunk/extension/ezapprove2/collaboration/ezapprove2/ezapprove2collaborationhandler.php
2487 - Added eZ Approve 2 for eZ Publish 4 (PHP5 port) tw 4056d 21h /ezapprove2/ezp4/trunk/extension/ezapprove2/collaboration/ezapprove2/ezapprove2collaborationhandler.php