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76 --Adding-in the missing link to nfrp 2138d 06h /trunk/
75 --Fixing status label on project home page: Planning now available nfrp 2221d 05h /trunk/
74 --SSO Rollout nfrp 2356d 01h /trunk/
73 --SSO Rollout nfrp 2356d 02h /trunk/
72 --SSO roll-out nfrp 2356d 02h /trunk/
71 --Adding safety to the github log import script : won\'t halt when a commit was already imported. nfrp 2486d 09h /trunk/
70 --More safety rails. nfrp 2545d 06h /trunk/
69 --new view required to export metadata information for reviews. Fix procedure only. nfrp 2545d 09h /trunk/
68 --Fixed : adding author to the latest review, in the XML export of a project. nfrp 2545d 09h /trunk/
67 --Fixed sorting method of commits nfrp 2647d 20h /trunk/
66 --Added "Fork me on Github" ribbon when applicable nfrp 2647d 20h /trunk/
65 --Proper cronjob configuation for the git commit-log import nfrp 2648d 05h /trunk/
64 --Fixed wording nfrp 2648d 05h /trunk/
63 --Added resources list when git is used (right-hand side) nfrp 2648d 05h /trunk/
62 --Debugging isgithubrepo tpl operator nfrp 2648d 05h /trunk/
61 --Debugging isgithubrepo tpl operator nfrp 2648d 05h /trunk/
60 --Debugging isgithubrepo tpl operator nfrp 2648d 05h /trunk/
59 --Sort order in listing of commits now ok ('published' instead of 'modified') nfrp 2648d 07h /trunk/
58 --Added new "isgithubrepo' template operator
--Code acquisition instructions are now github compliant
--Github author, when used, is autolinked
nfrp 2648d 07h /trunk/
57 --Full view of log message now github commit compliant nfrp 2648d 07h /trunk/

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