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29 i18n class included to avoid ezi18n fatal error xrow 2694d 06h /trunk/
28 - ini files refactured and policyomitlist fixed xrow 2777d 07h /trunk/
27 - handler for hmregexpline added xrow 2811d 08h /trunk/
26 fixes xrow 2861d 03h /trunk/
25 #884
*error handling added
*special attribute added
xrow 2861d 03h /trunk/
24 - text instead of url used in ezurlhandler if switch is activated xrow 2993d 08h /trunk/
23 - utf8 decoding added for some datatypes
- datatype switch for output with or without URL text
xrow 2993d 09h /trunk/
22 permissions for 4.3 added xrow 3085d 07h /trunk/
21 wrong id xrow 3147d 05h /trunk/
20 - Added Feature URL Alias xrow 3156d 04h /trunk/
19 - fixing issues xrow 3156d 07h /trunk/
18 xrow 3193d 11h /trunk/
17 - Added missing ModuleList[] entry (without it, new nice URLs for content nodes might override access to the module) Cyberwolf 3666d 05h /trunk/
16 - bugfix and copyright changes xrow 3701d 03h /trunk/
15 escaping commas fixed xrow 3723d 04h /trunk/
14 - fixed xrow 3777d 03h /trunk/
13 - added objectrelationlist xrow 3777d 03h /trunk/
12 Added eZMatrixHandler nleutner 3785d 05h /trunk/
11 new handlers xrow 3787d 03h /trunk/
10 - added german translation xrow 3812d 05h /trunk/

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