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109 --Finishing the migration to github. See README for details. nfrp 3036d 00h /trunk/ezie/
108 Remove unused template autoload setting and folder andre1 3052d 03h /trunk/ezie/
107 - Updated: Inserted tokens into extensions.xml oms 3069d 00h /trunk/ezie/
106 - Fixed bug #017297: ezie on 4.3.0 JS Conflict chen 3073d 06h /trunk/ezie/
105 Cleaned text chen 3077d 05h /trunk/ezie/
104 Cleared unused images chen 3077d 17h /trunk/ezie/
103 Cleared empty folder chen 3077d 17h /trunk/ezie/
102 Cleared developement mode settings chen 3077d 17h /trunk/ezie/
101 - Updated: Corrected copyright year headers. oms 3077d 23h /trunk/ezie/
100 - Fixed bug #017218: ezie fails to open on Opera chen 3086d 03h /trunk/ezie/
99 Modified: Added block to toolbar links to make the whole "button" clickable
[by cpg]
chen 3086d 23h /trunk/ezie/
98 - Fixed bug 16802: ezie gives warning when object with ezimage attribute is edited - Error: eZTemplate:elementValue chen 3202d 03h /trunk/ezie/
97 - Updated: updated css&js reference in template chen 3205d 01h /trunk/ezie/
96 Replaced ezinfo.php + loading.php with extension.xml bd 3206d 03h /trunk/ezie/
95 Updated KNOWN_ISSUES with a selection dimension indicator issue bd 3206d 03h /trunk/ezie/
94 - Update: renamed classes name to be eZIEImageToolFlipHorizontally and eZIEImageToolFlipVertically chen 3208d 23h /trunk/ezie/
93 - Updated: renamed class file name chen 3208d 23h /trunk/ezie/
92 - Updated: removed eziezc folder chen 3208d 23h /trunk/ezie/
91 - Updated: renamed class file name image_preaction to be image_pre_action chen 3209d 00h /trunk/ezie/
90 - Updated: removed prefix of class file name chen 3209d 00h /trunk/ezie/

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